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Senior Role Model - Banana George Water Skis Way To Health

Here is an impressive role model for Sunhsine Coast seniors striving to live healthy active lives.

Born in 1915 in Toledo, Ohio, George Blair grew up to become a successful New York businessman. But as he approached his forties, his lower back began causing him pain. He visited the doctor and water skiing was recommended for exercise, stretching and strengthening. Soon afterwards George began skiing at a local water ski club.

Banana George Blair - water skiing at 88 years

He became famous for balancing a step ladder on a wooden disk while being towed at high speed behind a motorboat. He would carefully set the ladder up and slowly climb to the top as the boat circled in front of the spectators. The crowd cheered with delight as he perched at the top, casually pulled out a banana, peeled it and ate it. Eventually Chiquita banana company recognized the advertising value of George eating their bananas as part of his act and they sponsored him with, among other things, yellow wetsuits. He thus became known as Banana George.

Blair has won recognition in the Guinness Book of World Records and over 20 years opened and operated two water ski schools of his own. He continued barefoot water skiing until the age of 92. At 98 he is still active, enjoying playing drums and listening to Jazz.

George Blair espouses the same 'live life to the fullest' mentality we promote at Alive & Kicking Medical Practices - Bundilla Clinic and Brightwater Medical Centre.