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Skin Checks, Physiotherapy and Medical Services Mooloolaba

Physiotherapy - Liam Marsh

Liam has a wide breadth of clinical experience having worked in a public healthcare setting (acute care, outpatients and  ED), as well as in private practice and with elite level sport (Boxing, Judo, Wrestling and Tae Kwon Do). Liam uses a “hands on” manual therapy, exercise and education based approach to patient care, and most importantly gives patients the knowledge and tools they require to self manage their condition.

Liam can help patients with a wide range of problems including:

For physiotherapy treatment in Mooloolaba at Bundilla Clinic please call 5444 2666. 

Skin Cancer Checks
Skin cancer detection and treatment on the Sunshine Coast, providing detection of malignant melanoma and other types of skin cancers. Be alert, skin cancer can be successfully treated if detected in time. Click to read more about our skin cancer checks...

Healthy Heart Exams
Heart checks for Sunshine Coast residents and visitors. Helping to reduce the risk in heart disease, Bundilla Clinic encourages Sunshine Coast residents and visitors to get regular heart checks. To take positive steps to reduce your risk of heart disease, call today.

Osteoporosis Checks
Are you a senior and feeling poorly? We can determine if you have osteoporosis or are at risk of developing osteoporosis. Don't wait until you've broken a bone to investigate this common disease among seniors! Please call 5444 2666 for more information. More about Osteoporosis...

Diabetes Checks
Diabetes occurs when the blood sugar level is too high. This is caused by the pancreas failing to produce enough insulin or the body not using the insulin properly. High blood sugar causes tiredness, increased thirst and increased urination.  Many diabetics do not have all these symptoms and their diabetes is only diagnosed during routine screening or because they have developed a complication of diabetes. 
There are many health issues attached to a diabetic prognosis. High blood sugar increases your risk of heart disease, strokes, kidney failure and blindness. 
Book an appointment to have a Diabetes check. More information on Type 1 and Type Diabetes...

Coal Board Medicals
Mooloolaba Coal Board Medical Details FormDr David Wilke is a nominated medical advisor for coal board medicals and pre-employment medicals and does the medical and sign off on all the related paperwork. We also have allied health professionals like exercise physiologists that can conduct the strength testing. Click here for coal board medical information and documents.

Childrens doctor sunshine coastOur Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast medical centre GPS offer highly personalised health care including:

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