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Yellow Fever and Travel Vaccinations Sunshine Coast

Yellow fever is a viral disease spread by mosquitoes and occurs in tropical areas of South America and Africa.  Yellow Fever vaccinations are recommended for Sunshine Caost residents travelling to those areas. Australians travelling to South America and Africa are potentially at risk and once contracted, the virus generally incubates for one week with the first signs being flu-like symptoms including a high fever, muscle pain, chills and headaches. After three days, symptoms start to fade, but in some cases a remission is followed by the onset of more severe symptoms like vomiting blood, jaundice and renal failure and in some severe cases yellow fever can be fatal.  Up to 50% of affected people die of yellow fever.

It is known that mosquitoes carry yellow fever from person to person and travellers to areas where yellow fever may be present are advised to take extra precaution to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes. They should use insect repellent when outdoors and wear light, long sleeved protective clothes. It is often advised that clothes are treated with repellent too. Extra precaution is required between dusk and dawn. Travellers are advised to book accommodation in rooms with air conditioning or adequate screening, like a bed net or aerosol room insecticides.  

Australians travelling to high risk yellow fever areas are advised to be vaccinated against the disease and are also advised to visit their General Practitioner six to eight weeks before travelling overseas to discuss suitable vaccination options. Australians should be aware that yellow fever vaccination may be a formal requirement to enter some countries where the disease is present.  

 For further information about Yellow Fever or any other deadly diseases, such as malaria please arrange to see one of our highly qualified and experienced doctors who will be pleased to give you the advice you need to ensure your holiday is the best it can possibly be.

Vaccinations Available at Bundilla Clinic:

Hepatitis A - Avaxim/Havrix
Hepatitis B - Engerix B Adult
Typhoid - Typhim V
Typhoid + Hep A - Vivaxim
Yellow Fever - Stamaril